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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A case for bilingual learners' dictionariesLew, Robert; Adamska-Sałaciak, Arleta
2006A new type of folk-inspired definition in English monolingual learners' dictionaries and its usefulness for conveying syntactic informationLew, Robert; Dziemianko, Anna
2002A study in the use of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries by Polish learners of English: A preliminary reportLew, Robert
11-Dec-2010Ambiguity-generating devices in linguistic verbal jokesLew, Robert
1996An ambiguity-based theory of the linguistic verbal joke in EnglishLew, Robert
2016Can a dictionary help you write better? A user study of an active bilingual dictionary for Polish learners of EnglishLew, Robert
2008Can dictionary skills be taught? The effectiveness of lexicographic training for primary-school-level Polish learners of EnglishLew, Robert; Galas, Katarzyna
1-Mar-2014Corpus-based vocabulary lists for language learners for nine languagesKilgarriff, Adam; Charalabopoulou, Frieda; Gavrilidou, Maria; Johannessen, Janne Bondi; Khalil, Saussan; Johansson Kokkinakis, Sofie; Lew, Robert; Sharoff, Serge; Vadlapudi, Ravikiran; Volodina, Elena
2003Designing relational database structures for storing and processing language questionnaire data: Example from a study in dictionary useLew, Robert
2013Dictionaries and technologyLew, Robert
2015Dictionaries and their usersLew, Robert
Mar-2016Dictionaries for learners of EnglishLew, Robert
30-Aug-2014Dictionary users in the digital revolutionLew, Robert; De Schryver, Gilles-Maurice
2002Differences in the scope of obstruent voicing assimilation in learners' English as a consequence of regional variation in PolishLew, Robert
2014Do menus provide added value to signposts in print monolingual dictionary entries? An application of Linear Mixed-Effects Modelling in dictionary user researchPtasznik, Bartosz; Lew, Robert
2009Electronic dictionary entries with animated pictures: Lookup preferences and word retentionLew, Robert; Doroszewska, Joanna
2010Entry menus in bilingual electronic dictionariesLew, Robert; Tokarek, Patryk
1996Exploitation of linguistic ambiguity in Polish and English jokesLew, Robert
2013From paper to electronic dictionaries: Evolving dictionary skillsLew, Robert
2012How can we make electronic dictionaries more effective?Lew, Robert