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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Navigating dictionary space: the findability of English collocations in a general learner’s dictionary (LDOCE4) and special-purpose dictionary of collocations (OCD)Lew, Robert; Radłowska, Magdalena
2006Non-standard dictionary definitions: What they cannot tell native speakers of PolishLew, Robert; Dziemianko, Anna
Nov-2011Not the word I wanted? How online English learners' dictionaries deal with misspelled wordsLew, Robert; Mitton, Roger
17-Dec-2010Online dictionaries of EnglishLew, Robert
Nov-2013Online dictionary skillsLew, Robert
Nov-2011Polish word sketchesRadziszewski, Adam; Kilgarriff, Adam; Lew, Robert
2002Questionnaires in dictionary use research: A reexaminationLew, Robert
2006Research into dictionary use by Polish learners of English: Some methodological considerationsDziemianko, Anna; Lew, Robert
6-May-2015Research into the use of online dictionariesLew, Robert
26-Apr-2011Sampling techniques in metalexicographic researchBukowska, Agnieszka
Aug-2012Single-clause when-definitions: Take threeLew, Robert; Dziemianko, Anna
13-Jan-2011Space restrictions in paper and electronic dictionaries and their implications for the design of production dictionariesLew, Robert
2007The effect of signposts on access speed and lookup task success in long and short entriesLew, Robert; Pajkowska, Julita
3-Feb-2011The role of imagery in dictionaries of idiomsSzczepaniak, Renata; Lew, Robert
Dec-2012The role of syntactic class, frequency, and word order in looking up English multi-word expressionsLew, Robert
2009The Web as corpus versus traditional corpora: Their relative utility for linguists and language learnersLew, Robert
1997Towards a taxonomy of linguistic jokesLew, Robert
1997Towards a taxonomy of linguistic jokesLew, Robert
Aug-2011User studies: Opportunities and limitationsLew, Robert
8-Mar-2013User-generated content (UGC) in online English dictionariesLew, Robert