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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The effect of signposts on access speed and lookup task success in long and short entriesLew, Robert; Pajkowska, Julita
3-Feb-2011The role of imagery in dictionaries of idiomsSzczepaniak, Renata; Lew, Robert
Dec-2012The role of syntactic class, frequency, and word order in looking up English multi-word expressionsLew, Robert
2009The Web as corpus versus traditional corpora: Their relative utility for linguists and language learnersLew, Robert
1997Towards a taxonomy of linguistic jokesLew, Robert
1997Towards a taxonomy of linguistic jokesLew, Robert
Aug-2011User studies: Opportunities and limitationsLew, Robert
8-Mar-2013User-generated content (UGC) in online English dictionariesLew, Robert
2010Users take shortcuts: Navigating dictionary entriesLew, Robert
2006When you are explaining the meaning of a word: The effect of abstract noun definition format on syntactic class identificationDziemianko, Anna; Lew, Robert
2013When-definitions revisitedDziemianko, Anna; Lew, Robert
2004Which dictionary for whom? Receptive use of bilingual, monolingual and semi-bilingual dictionaries by Polish learners of EnglishLew, Robert