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Jun-2015Climate evolution during the Pleniglacial and Late Glacial as recorded in quartz grain morphoscopy of fluvial to aeolian successions of the European Sand BeltWoronko, Barbara; Zieliński, Paweł; Sokołowski, Robert Jan
Aug-2016Depositional conditions on an alluvial fan at the turn of the Weichselian to the Holocene – a case study in the Żmigród Basin, southwest PolandZieliński, Paweł; Sokołowski, Robert J.; Fedorowicz, Stanisław; Woronko, Barbara; Hołub, Beata; Jankowski, Michał; Kuc, Michał; Tracz, Michał
20-May-2013Heavy and light minerals as a tool for reconstructing depositional environments: an example from the Jałówka site (northern Podlasie region, NE Poland)Woronko, Barbara; Rychel, Joanna; Karasiewicz, Mirosław T.; Ber, Andrzej; Krzywicki, Tomasz; Marks, Leszek; Pochocka-Szwarc, Katarzyna
Jun-2015Reconstruction of sediment provenance and transport processes from the surface textures of quartz grains from Late Pleistocene sandurs and an ice-marginal valley in NW PolandWoronko, Barbara; Pisarska-Jamroży, Małgorzata; van Loon, A.J. (Tom)