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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A dynamical-systems approach to the evolution of morphonotactic and lexical consonant clusters in English and PolishBaumann, Andreas; Kaźmierski, Kamil
2018Assessing the effect of ambiguity in compositionality signaling on the processing of diphonesBaumann, Andreas; Kaźmierski, Kamil
22-Aug-2019Automatic English phoneme recognition from articulatory data generated by EPG systems with grid and anatomical layout of contact sensorsKrynicki, Grzegorz; Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, Katarzyna; Weckwerth, Jarosław; Michalski, Grzegorz; Kaźmierski, Kamil; Maciejewska, Barbara; Wiskirska-Woźnica, Bożena; Żygis, Marzena; Kuczko, Wiesław; Sekuła, Alicja
30-Sep-2016Coalescent assimilation across word-boundaries in American English and in Polish EnglishKaźmierski, Kamil; Wojtkowiak, Ewelina; Baumann, Andreas
22-Aug-2019Durational variation in Polish fricatives provides evidence for hybrid models of phonologyKaźmierski, Kamil
Dec-2019Educated Poznań Speech 30 years laterKaźmierski, Kamil; Kul, Małgorzata; Zydorowicz, Paulina
2015Exaptation and phonological changeKaźmierski, Kamil
2016How rarities like gold came to exist: on co-evolutionary interactions between morphology and lexical phonotacticsRitt, Nikolaus; Kaźmierski, Kamil
2009On the role of perception in the acquisition of the peach - pitch contrast by Polish learners of EnglishKaźmierski, Kamil
22-Sep-2020Prevocalic t-glottaling across word boundaries in Midland American EnglishKaźmierski, Kamil
2015The relationship between gender identity and six f0 measures in PolishKaźmierski, Kamil
1-Dec-2020Word-final / ɔ̃/ in Greater Poland Polish: A Cumulative Context Effect?Kaźmierski, Kamil; Szlandrowicz, Marta
2020Word-final / ɔ̃/ in Greater Poland Polish: A Cumulative Context Effect?Kaźmierski, Kamil; Szlandrowicz, Marta