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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2019Examining how country-level science policy shapes publication patterns: The case of PolandKorytkowski, Przemysław; Kulczycki, Emanuel
2019Publication counting methods for a national research evaluation exerciseKorytkowski, Przemysław; Kulczycki, Emanuel
2018Redesigning the Model of Book Evaluation in the Polish Performance-based Research Funding SystemKulczycki, Emanuel; Korytkowski, Przemysław
2020Researchers publishing monographs are more productive and more local‑orientedKulczycki, Emanuel; Korytkowski, Przemysław
2019What share of researchers publish monographs?Kulczycki, Emanuel; Korytkowski, Przemysław
2018重新设计波兰基于绩效的科研资助体系中的 图书评价模型Kulczycki, Emanuel; Korytkowski, Przemysław