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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201433 meters of sacrum. The analysis of discourses surrounding the statue of Christ the King of the Universe in ŚwiebodzinKuligowski, Waldemar
2012A Relay of Youth of the 21st Century.A Re-enactment of Ritual or a Grotesque Performance?Kuligowski, Waldemar
2009Androcentrism in the discourse and structure of Polish ethnology. ProlegomenaKuligowski, Waldemar
2016Defamiliaryzatorzy. Źródła i zróżnicowanie antropologii współczesnościKuligowski, Waldemar
2014Made in “Polish village” – modern ethno-design vs. traditional culture of Polish countrysideBrzezińska, Anna Weronika
Jan-2014Rodzina made in Poland. Antropologia pokrewieństwa i życia rodzinnegoStanisz, Agata