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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Commemorations and memories of Poznań June 1956Main, Izabella
2013High mobility of Polish women. The ethnographic inquiry of BarcelonaMain, Izabella
2008How Is Communism Displayed? Exhibitions and Museums of Communism in PolandMain, Izabella
2005Les fêtes nationales en Pologne communiste. Le passé au service du présentMain, Izabella
2011The avant-garde of the Catholic Church? Catholic student groups at the Dominican Churches in Poznań and Krakow, PolandMain, Izabella
2003The Weeping Virgin Mary and the Smiling Comrade Stalin. Polish Catholics and Communists in 1949Main, Izabella
2012Zjawisko imigracji do Poznania w świetle źródeł zastanych, w: Migracje a heterogeniczność kulturowa. Na podstawie badań antropologicznych w PoznaniuBloch, Natalia; Czerniejewska, Izabela; Main, Izabella