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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013Investigating Gender and Sexuality in the ESL classroom: Raising publishers', teachers' and students' awarenessPakuła, Łukasz Piotr; Pawelczyk, Joanna
Jul-2014Issues of power in relation to gender and sexuality in the EFL classroom - An overviewPawelczyk, Joanna; Pakuła, Łukasz Piotr; Sunderland, Jane
22-Oct-2014Lexical stock under scrutiny: exploring the mental representations of morphologically complex structuresPakuła, Łukasz Piotr
2010Seeing through dictionaries: On defining basic colour terms in English, Japanese and Polish lexicography.Pakuła, Łukasz Piotr
2013Young Linguists' Insights: Taking interdisciplinary approaches to the forePołczyńska, Monika; Pakuła, Łukasz Piotr; Jaworska, Dorota