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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017Aesthetics-based classification of geological structures in outcrops for geotourism purposes: a tentative proposalMikhailenko, Anna V.; Nazarenko, Olesya V.; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Zayats, Pavel P.
30-Dec-2013Cenozoic synthem stratigraphic architecture of the SE Brazilian shelf and its global eustatic context: evidence from the Pelotas Basin (offshore Brazil)de Santana dos Anjos Zerfass, Geise; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Chemale Jr., Farid; Zerfass, Henrique
Apr-2018Did plate tectonics control the generic diversity of Jurassic brachiopods? One point of viewRuban, Dmitry A.
Sep-2014Do the available data permit clarification of the possible dependence of Palaeozoic brachiopod generic diversity dynamics on global sea-level changes? A viewpointRuban, Dmitry A.
Apr-2019Long-term shoreline shifts on continental blocks during the Bajocian: an updated interpretation based on synthetic stratigraphical and palaeogeographical developments on regional scalesRuban, Dmitry A.; Sallam, Emad S.
30-Dec-2013Megaclasts in geoconservation: sedimentological questions, anthropogenic influence, and geotourism potentialLubova, Katrin A.; Zayats, Pavel P.; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Tiess, Günter
2012Mesozoic mass extinctions and angiosperm radiation: does the molecular clock tell something new?Ruban, Dmitry A.
Apr-2016New data on Callovian (Middle Jurassic) belemnites and palynomorphs from the Northern Caucasus, southwest RussiaDzyuba, Oksana S.; Goryacheva, Anna A.; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Gnezdilova, Victoria V.; Zayats, Pavel P.
Aug-2018New palynological data for Toarcian (Lower Jurassic) deep-marine sandstones of the Western Caucasus, southwestern RussiaGoryacheva, Anna A.; Zorina, Svetlana O.; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Eskin, Alexei A.; Nikashin, Konstantin I.; Galiullin, Bulat M.; Morozov, Vladimir P.; Mikhailenko, Anna V.; Nazarenko, Olesya V.; Zayats, Pavel P.
2010The challenge of reconstructing the Phanerozoic sea level and the Pacific Basin tectonicsRuban, Dmitry A.; Conrad, Clinton P.; van Loon, A.J. (Tom)
Dec-2020The human imprint on the unique geological landscape of the Western CaucasusMikhailenko, Anna V.; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Zorina, Svetlana O.; Nikashin, Konstantin I.; Yashalova, Natalia N.
15-Sep-2013The late Silurian–Middle Devonian long-term eustatic cycle as a possible control on the global generic diversity dynamics of bivalves and gastropodsRuban, Dmitry A.
Apr-2020The Nowdan anticline of the Zagros orogen as a geoheritage ‘window’ into the late Mesozoic– Cenozoic evolution of the African–Arabian continental marginHabibi, Tahereh; Ruban, Dmitry A.; Yashalova, Natalia N.
Aug-2019The siliciclastics/carbonates shift in the Jurassic of the Western Caucasus (central northern Neo-Tethys): reconsidering research over the last 50 yearsRuban, Dmitry A.
2009The survival of megafauna after the end-Pleistocene impact: a lesson from the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundaryRuban, Dmitry A.