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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010A man from Bendery: L.S. Berg as geographer and loess scholarSmalley, Ian; Markovic, Slobodan; O’Hara-Dhand, Ken; Wynn, Peter
Apr-2019Desert loess: a selection of relevant topicsSmalley, Ian; Marshall, John; Fitzsimmons, Kathryn; Whalley, W. Brian; Ngambi, Samson
Aug-2020Leonard Horner in Bonn 1831–1833, finding loess and being incorporated into Lyell’s Loess LegionSmalley, Ian
Apr-2016Loess encounters of three kinds: Charles Lyell talks about, reads about, and looks at loessSmalley, Ian; Kels, Holger; Gaudenyi, Tivadar; Jovanovic, Mladjen
Aug-2017Six days in July: Charles Lyell in the Eifel in 1831 (possibly looking at loess)Smalley, Ian
Aug-2018The formation of loess ground by the process of loessification: a history of the conceptObreht, Igor; Smalley, Ian