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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Criteria for coursebook evaluation in view of effective development of Intercultural Communicative CompetenceSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
2020Culture in translation: A comparative analysis of English originals and Polish dubbed versions of computer-animated film productionsSurdyk, Augustyn
20-Mar-2017Developmental trends in requests rendered by EFL speakers in PolandSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
15-Jun-2017Impoliteness in interlanguage requests of EFL learners in PolandSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
15-Jan-2016Insights into Teacher Language Awareness with Reference to the Concept of Self-Marginalization and Empowerment in the Use of a Foreign LanguageLankiewicz, Hadrian; Wąsikiewicz-Firlej, Emilia; Szczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
2014Interlanguage pragmatics: A study into the acquisition of pragmatic competence in English as a foreign language contextSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
Jan-2014Language learning and identity: Positioning oneself as a language learner and user in the multilingual milieuLankiewicz, Hadrian; Szczepaniak-Kozak, Anna; Wąsikiewicz-Firlej, Emilia
15-Dec-2020Pragmatic accent: Sociolinguistic and pragmalinguistic examplesSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
9-Jan-2018Pragmatic competence of teachers: a contrastive case study of native and non-native teachers of EnglishSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna; Wąsikiewicz-Firlej, Emilia
2015Rozwijanie kompetencji medialnej wśród przyszłych nauczycieli języków obcych w ramach pracy w tandemie elektronicznym. Projekt polsko-niemieckiAdamczak-Krysztofowicz, Sylwia; Szczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
2012The narrative approach: The individual perspective in intercultural meetingsSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
30-Jun-2018Translation didactics: A proposal for teaching consecutive interpretingWoodward-Smith, Elizabeth; Lankiewicz, Hadrian; Szczepaniak-Kozak, Anna
8-Feb-2017Wybrane aspekty mowy nienawiści w PolsceSzczepaniak-Kozak, Anna; Lankiewicz, Hadrian