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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016An overview of lithotype associations of Miocene lignite seams exploited in PolandWidera, Marek
Aug-2020Is the Złoczew lignite deposit geologically suitable for the first underground gasification installation in Poland?Urbański, Paweł; Widera, Marek
2012Macroscopic lithotype characterisation of the 1st Middle-Polish (1st Lusatian) Lignite Seam in the Miocene of central PolandWidera, Marek
Apr-2019The interpretative significance of ripple-derived sedimentary structures within an upper Neogene fluvial succession of central PolandMaciaszek, Piotr; Chomiak, Lilianna; Wachocki, Robert; Widera, Marek
31-Mar-2014What are cleats? Preliminary studies from the Konin lignite mine, Miocene of central PolandWidera, Marek