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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2018Anti-freezing and peelingWiland, Bartosz
2009Aspects of order preservation in Polish and EnglishWiland, Bartosz
2008Circumstantial evidence for syntactic head movementWiland, Bartosz
2018Functional sequence zones and Slavic L>T>N participles (preprint)Taraldsen Medova, Lucie; Wiland, Bartosz
30-Nov-2016Le charme discret of remnant movement: crossing and nesting in Polish OVS sentencesWiland, Bartosz
1-May-2018Ordering paradoxes in a cross-categorial paradigm: on syncretisms with the declarative complementizerWiland, Bartosz
2010Overt Evidence from Left Branch Extraction in Polish for Punctuated PathsWiland, Bartosz
2013Paths in remnant movement: A single solution to three problems in the Polish OVS syntaxWiland, Bartosz
2012Prefix stacking, syncretism and the syntactic hierarchyWiland, Bartosz
2012The shift to strict VO in English at the PF-interfacePysz, Agnieszka; Wiland, Bartosz
2014The symmetric syntax of Japanese complex verbs and Slavic prefixesEndo, Yoshio; Wiland, Bartosz