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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2018Anti-freezing and peelingWiland, Bartosz
2009Aspects of order preservation in Polish and EnglishWiland, Bartosz
2008Circumstantial evidence for syntactic head movementWiland, Bartosz
2018Functional sequence zones and Slavic L>T>N participles (preprint)Taraldsen Medova, Lucie; Wiland, Bartosz
30-Nov-2016Le charme discret of remnant movement: crossing and nesting in Polish OVS sentencesWiland, Bartosz
1-May-2018Ordering paradoxes in a cross-categorial paradigm: on syncretisms with the declarative complementizerWiland, Bartosz
2010Overt Evidence from Left Branch Extraction in Polish for Punctuated PathsWiland, Bartosz
2013Paths in remnant movement: A single solution to three problems in the Polish OVS syntaxWiland, Bartosz
2021Polish deadjectival nouns as nominalized adverbsWiland, Bartosz
2012Prefix stacking, syncretism and the syntactic hierarchyWiland, Bartosz
2012The shift to strict VO in English at the PF-interfacePysz, Agnieszka; Wiland, Bartosz
2014The symmetric syntax of Japanese complex verbs and Slavic prefixesEndo, Yoshio; Wiland, Bartosz