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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2017Evolution of Early Pleistocene fluvial systems in central Poland prior to the first ice sheet advance – a case study from the Bełchatów lignite mineGoździk, Jan; Zieliński, Tomasz
Aug-2018Prospects and limitations of heavy mineral analyses to discriminate preglacial/glacial transitions in Pleistocene sedimentary successionsZieliński, Tomasz
12-Sep-2012Sedimentary record of a Pleistocene ice-sheet interlobate zone (NE Poland)Gruszka, Beata; Morawski, Wojciech; Zieliński, Tomasz
Dec-2014Spatial variability of selected physicochemical parameters within peat deposits in small valley mire: a geostatistical approachPawłowski, Dominik; Okupny, Daniel; Włodarski, Wojciech; Zieliński, Tomasz
Jun-2010Unusual development of sandur sedimentary succession, an example from the Pleistocene of S PolandSalamon, Tomasz; Zieliński, Tomasz