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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Is the coarse-grid Global Climate Model a useful tool for regional paleoclimate reconstruction?Szuman, Izabela; Czernecki, Bartosz
2011Developing frameworks for studies on sedimentary fluxes and budgets in changing cold environmentsBeylich, Achim A.; Lamoureux, Scott A.; Decaulne, Armelle
2011Criteria to distinguish between periglacial, proglacial and paraglacial environmentsSlaymaker, Olav
2011Winter oilseed-rape yield estimates from hyperspectral radiometer measurementsPiekarczyk, Jan; Sulewska, Hanna; Szymańska, Grażyna
2011Lithological differences in the deposits of closed basins in the upper Parsęta catchment (Western Pomerania)Major, Maciej
2011Geomorphological effects of river valleys anthropogenic transformations in the Perznica catchment during the last 200 years (Drawsko Lakeland, Parsęta river basin)Szpikowski, Józef
2011Changes in textural and geo-chemical features of alluvia in the western part of the Lublin Upland over the past 1000 yearsZgłobicki, Wojciech; Ryżak, Magdalena; Bieganowski, Andrzej
2011The relationship between dissolved solids yield and the presence of snow cover in the periglacial basin of the Obruchev Glacier (Polar Urals) during the ablation seasonStachnik, Łukasz; Uzarowicz, Łukasz
2011Geographic record of human impact conformance to different water relationships along a coastal river (the Łupawa catchment)Drwal, Jan; Cieśliński, Roman; Fac-Beneda, Joanna
2011Dynamics of suspended material carried out from the Flysch Bystrzanka catchment during selected rainfall events in the period of 1997-2008Kijowska, Małgorzata; Bochenek, Witold