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dc.contributor.authorPoniży, Lidia-
dc.identifier.citationProblemy Ekologii Krajobrazu, t. XXII, 2009, s. 335-342.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractA basic condition of preserving high-quality human life on Earth, not only for the present but also future generations, is a rational use of environmental resources. This also embraces proper management of space. Space mismanagement can result in an uncontrolled sprawl of cities and chaotic growth of suburban areas. Socio-economicdevelopmenthasbroughtaboutachangeinthedominantfunctionsofsuburbanareas,andhencein the space of the suburban zone. Detrimental effects of urban sprawl onto suburban areas were observed in Western Europe in the 1960s. An assessment of the costs of the present urbanisation tendencies places them in the group of undesirable phenomena. In order to identify the directions of change, a spatial-temporal analysis was made of large-scale (1:10,000) transformationsintheland-usepatternjustbeyondthelimitsofPoznañcity.Itwasfoundthatchangeshadtakenplace not only in the forms of land use, but also in the nature of buildings.pl_PL
dc.subjectland usepl_PL
dc.subjectużytkowanie terenupl_PL
dc.titlePresja urbanizacyjna i jej wpływ na zmiany przestrzennej struktury użytkowania ziemi na wybranych obszarach podmiejskich Poznaniapl_PL
dc.title.alternativeUrbanisation pressure and its effect on the spatial structure of land use in selected suburban areas of Poznań citypl_PL
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