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Other Titles: Names of female religious orders and societies (Gdansk)
Authors: Breza, Edward
Keywords: spiritual
religious order
community life
monastic rule
monastic observance
monastic constitutions
vows: vow of obedience, vow of penury, vow of purity
Christian perfection
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Poznańskiego Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Nauk
Citation: Slavia Occidentalis, 2013, Tom 70 nr 1, s. 35-62.
Abstract: In the introduction to his article, the author refers to a dissertation on the names of male religious orders and societies (cf. Sł. Oc. t., r. SIOc 69, 2012, s. 45-80; 3). The article has been broken down into three basic parts: I. names of female religious orders which have (earlier) male counterparts, e.g. filipinki : filipini, józefiłki : józefie: II. autogenic names which are not structures derived from male order names like e.g. precjozynki, sakramentki, III. various semantic and word-formation related issues. It turns out that most frequently, female names are formed with the feminative suffix -ka in singular or -ki in plural and the extended suffix -anka, -ynka in singular / -anki -ynki in plural. These formations are far less complex than in the masculine names. The source materials used by the author are the same as in analyses of male religious orders and societies; they are presented as a list of abbreviations at the end of the article.
ISBN: 978-83-7654-219-5
ISSN: 0081-0002
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