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dc.contributor.authorWiśniewski, Tomasz-
dc.identifier.citationWerkwinkel vol. 7(2), 2012, pp. 103-111pl_PL
dc.description.abstractThis article presents an analysis of relations between works of J. M. Coetzee and Samuel Beckett. The primary research material covers novels and essays written by the former, and particular attention is given to those essays by Coetzee which deal with writings of Beckett (e.g. “Eight Ways of Looking at Samuel Beckett”). Because Coetzee’s professional interest in Beckett has lasted for over forty years, it enables us to talk about certain shifts in his literary attitudes and evolution of his professional stance. It seems that among the key features which put these two writers together are the following: their profound belief in the integrity of form (style) and content, their fascination with philosophical dualism and existential homelessness, and, finally, their skeptical attitude towards the academic world.pl_PL
dc.publisherDepartment of Dutch and South African Studies, Faculty of Englishpl_PL
dc.subjectJ. M. Coetzeepl_PL
dc.subjectSamuel Beckettpl_PL
dc.subjectintegrity of style and contentpl_PL
dc.subjectphilosophical dualismpl_PL
dc.subjectexistential homelessnesspl_PL
dc.titleCoetzee / Beckettpl_PL
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