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Title: Poland’s Gas Security
Authors: Rosicki, Remigiusz
Keywords: ezpieczeństwo gazowe
gas security
bezpieczeństwo energetyczne
energy security
polityka energetyczna
energy policy
bezpieczeństwo energetyczne Polski
Poland’s energy security
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: WNPiD UAM
Citation: Przegląd Politologiczny, 2015, nr 1, pp. 159-172.
Abstract: The subject matter analyzed in the text is Poland’s energy security as illustrated with the security of gas supply (gas supply security). The text analyzes a selection of problems concerned with gas security and so the focus is on: (1) a description of gas supply contracts, and (2) an assessment of gas supply security with regard to the technical import capabilities of the transmission infrastructure. In both cases two time-frames were applied: (1) 2006–2010, (2) the period after 2010 with a prospect for 2022. The text goes on to verify the following questions: (1) In what scope was real action undertaken in order to strengthen the security of gas supply to Poland in the years 2006–2010?, (2) How have the technical and real capabilities to diversify the gas supply to Poland changed after 2010?
DOI: 10.14746/pp.2015.20.1.11
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Przegląd Politologiczny, 2015, nr 1

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