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Title: Prawo wykonywania zawodu lekarza
Other Titles: The law on medical practice
Authors: Wojtczak, Krystyna
Wojtczak, Przemysław
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM
Citation: Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny, 53, 1991, z. 1, s. 87-101
Abstract: In discussions on changes in Health Service relatively little attention is paid to physicians. There is no doubt that any complex approach to matters concerning this group presents various difficulties. Physicians constitute an integral part of the "state system of health protection", created over 40 years ago, and without a correcture, if not a complete transformation of this system, any more significant change in the legal status of this group is hardly possible. The article is focused on one aspect of the legal status of physicians only, namely on their rights and qualifications necessary for practising the medical profession. It has been assumed that the requirements which should be met by physicians may be divided into two groups: 1) general requirements (i.e. the requirements referring to all candidates, with some exceptions in case of foreigners), and 2) special requirements, applicable to some particular groups of positions or some particular types of activities. The above assumption made it possible to formulate the conclusions in matters of most controversial character, such as: 1) to which Medical Chamber should be included the physicians who are not in service but are employed in organizational units subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs; 2) after what period of time of not practising the medical profession a physician should be obliged to take an additional training; 3) what period of time of practising the profession abroad by a foreigner fulfills the condition provided for in Art. 3 sec. 1 of the Law on Medical Profession; 4) whether a foreigner may be granted a permit to practise the medical profession for an unlimited or limited period of time; 5) whether a foreigner is required to be fluent speaker of the Polish language; 6) whether a foreigner is obligated to submit a certificate of unpunishability; 7) how to interpret the provision allowing persons who do not practise the medical profession to be members of Medical Chambers; 8) who may be appointed to managerial posts in Health Service institutions.
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ISSN: 0035-9629
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