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dc.contributor.authorDrozdowicz, Zbigniew-
dc.identifier.citationNAUKA 4/2016, pp. 71-84pl_PL
dc.description.abstractIn me remarks I make an attempt to point out such conditions of innovation in science as: philosophical traditions, as well institutional relations and personalities of researchers themselves. The analyses made in them are making the basis for formulating a general thesis stating that innovation in every case has a relative character, i.e. it is dependent not just from time and place of the research made, but also from such conditions that make what could be and often was perceived as scientific innovation under one set of circumstances cannot be perceived as such on other. The diverse character of these conditions sets a fact that it is hard to design innovation in science and to assess their scale.pl_PL
dc.publisherPolska Akademia Nauk - "Nauka"pl_PL
dc.subjectphilosophical traditions in research innovationpl_PL
dc.subjectinstitutional conditions of innovationpl_PL
dc.subjectpersonal conditions of innovationpl_PL
dc.titleUwarunkowania innowacyjności w badaniach naukowychpl_PL
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