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dc.contributor.authorBrzechczyn, Krzysztof-
dc.identifier.citationBudeancă Cosmin, Olteanu Florentin (eds.) "După 25 de ani. Evaluări și reevaluări istoriografice privind comunismul". Bucuresti: Polirom, p.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this paper is to explain the specific types of operational control exercised by the secret political police, including manipulation, disintegration and informing about new sphere of social life in extended conceptual apparatus of non-Marxian historical materialism. In this paper I consider the condition of subordination of secret political police by the political authorities and the reasons of secret collaboration of citizens with the secret police. I also specify diferent social roles fulfiled by secret collaborators and their influence on evolution of real socialism in
dc.subjectpolitiei secretepl
dc.subjectsecret political policepl
dc.subjectnon-Marian historical materialismpl
dc.subjectmaterialismul istoric non-marxistpl
dc.subjectrealny socjalimpl
dc.titleDespre rolul poliției secrete în evoluţia sistemului communist polonez. Un model de interpretareipl
dc.typeRozdział z książkipl
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