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Title: Prawny, polityczny, filozoficzny i religijny wymiar procesu i stracenia Sokratesa
Authors: Kostas E., Beys
Keywords: Socrates
Charges of impiety and corrupting the youth
Athenian legal system
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Instytutu Filozofii UAM
Citation: Peitho. Examina Antiqua, nr 1(1), 2010, s. 45-55.
Abstract: The article deals with the legal, political, philosophical and religious dimensions of Socrates’ trial and execution. It considers the issue in five separate aspects: 1) the validity of charging Socrates with impiety and corrupting the youth of the Athens; 2) the legal basis of the philoso¬pher’s indictment; 3) the then manner of conducting a legal trial in the Athens; 4) the extent to which Socrates’ conviction can ultimately be characterized as unjust and — finally — 5) the cultural ramifications of the philosopher’s trial and execution.
ISSN: 2082–7539
Appears in Collections:Peitho. Examina Antiqua, nr 1(1), 2010

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