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Title: Some Remarks on the Nineteenth Century Studies of the Euthyphro in Poland
Authors: Mróz, Tomasz
Keywords: Plato
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Instytutu Filozofii UAM
Citation: Peitho. Examina Antiqua, nr 1(2), 2011, s. 191-202.
Abstract: The present paper examined how Polish philosophers, historians and classicists understood and interpreted Plato’s Euthyphro in the 19th century. The article provides evidence for a twofold interest that Polish readers had for the dialogue in this period. Firstly, Catholic think¬ers focused on the ethical issues of the dialogue and supported the reviv¬al of the Scholasticism, confirming, at the same time, the vitality of Plato’s thought. Secondly, the text of Plato’s opusculum was a conveni¬ent didactic material for various teachers of the Greek language: while the Euthyphro gave them the opportunity to raise ethical and logical issues, they also taught philosophy on the basis of this dialogue.
ISSN: 2082–7539
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