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dc.contributor.authorBrenk, Mikołaj-
dc.identifier.citationBulletin of the History of Education vol. 37, (2017), pp.
dc.description.abstractIn Polish People’s Republic (1944—1989), a number of organisational and ideological changes were made in the social welfare sector: most of the ways of organising help that were tested during the in­terwar period were replaced with new concepts, often with sad consequences for those in need. This article presents the changes that took place in the Polish social security sector in the decades af­ ter World War II. Subsequent attempts to reform the social welfare system have been shown with the use of archival materials, other historical sources and literature of the
dc.subjectsocial welfarepl
dc.subjecthistory of social workpl
dc.subjecthistory of social assistancepl
dc.subjectsocial assistancepl
dc.subjectsocial policy in the Polish People’s Republicpl
dc.subjectsocial welfare in the Polish People’s Republicpl
dc.titleThe social welfare system in the period of the Polish People’s Republic (1944-1989)pl
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