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Title: Getting to grips with the sacred and the profane. The study of religion
Authors: Drozdowicz, Zbigniew
Keywords: sacred
religious authorities
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNS UAM
Citation: Drozdowicz Z., Getting to grips with the sacred and the profane. The study of religion, Poznań 2019, pp.193.
Abstract: What was and what is the study of religion?; Confesion or science – a real or ostensible dilemma?; Standards of rationality in the sacred and the profane; Agnostics and agnosticism. An attempt at typologization; Historicist and historical religious studies; Religious authorities of Christianity in the process of modernization; Modernera innovations in perceiving and presenting religion; Between the temptations of privatizing and globalizing religion; Radicalism in religions and narratives in the study of religion; “Replacements” of traditional religions.
ISBN: 978-83-64902-70-3
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