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Title: NEETs, North South Divergence and Economic Security in the Euro Area in the Aftermath of the Crisis
Authors: Szymanowski, Rafał
Editors: Skrzypczyńska, Joanna
Brańka, Tomasz
Keywords: NEETs
not in employment education or training
Euro Area
Euro crisis
Eurozone crisis
European Union
economic security
Eurozone core
Eurozone periphery
single currency
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Adam Mickiewicz University
Citation: Szymanowski R. (2019), NEETs, North South Divergence and Economic Security in the Euro Area in the Aftermath of the Crisis [in:] T. Brańka, J. Skrzypczyńska (eds.) Getting Europe back to work. Crisis (re)production and crisis overcoming in Europe, Poznan: Adam Mickiewicz University
Abstract: The euro was intended to bring more economic and political convergence between European countries. This was the main promise of the French Monetarists during the founding debate on European monetary integration, as well as European leaders who decided to permanently fix exchange rates and introduce the euro. Moving forward on the path towards “ever closer union” was the greatest hope of both the architects of the common currency and its political supporters. However, as a result of the eurozone crisis, European countries actually diverged from each other. The main argument of this paper is straightforward: the financial and banking crisis in the euro area gave rise to the dangerous divide between the core “surplus” countries in the north and peripheral “deficit” countries in the south. In this paper, I examine this divergence by looking at one crucial indicator: the number of young people who are unemployed and inactive (NEET) in the northern and southern countries of the eurozone, before and after the financial crisis.
Sponsorship: Erasmus + Programme of the European Union
ISBN: 978-83-65817-63-1
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