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Title: Zu einigen Schwächen in der Lexikbehandlung im Fremdsprachenunterricht
Authors: ZAWADZKA, Elżbieta
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Wydawcnictwo Naukowe UAM
Citation: Glottodidactica vol. 21, 1993, pp. 73-85
Abstract: The aim of the article is an attempt to answer the question of if, and to what extent, it is impossible to achieve communicative competence in school conditions. The author analyses the lexical material contained in school textbooks, some of the techniques of presentation and practice, as well as the problems of memorising lexical material. She points out to major shortcomings, weaknesses and inconsistencies in the area, which make the task of achieving communicative competence in school difficult, or even impossible, to attain. In conclusion, some suggestions are offered on how to work best with the lexical material.
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