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Title: Nauka języka obcego – drama jako składnik imersji
Other Titles: Foreign language learning – drama as a part of immersion
Authors: Bestrzyński, Wiesław
Szymiec, Robert
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM Poznań
Citation: Neodidagmata 29/30, 2008, s. 163-181
Abstract: The focus of attention of the authors oscillates between two main topics, immersion and drama. Immersion process is defined and explained in its three fundamental aspects. Drama, in turn is presented as a medium for delivering immersion to the classroom and beyond in order to achieve outstanding results in foreign language acquisition. The article also presents a variety of issues ranging from the contemporary discoveries in the field of psychology of learning, to one of the core topics in contemporary education – the learning versus acquisition dilemma. It also presents and explains some state of the art experiments on neural connections developmental processes in learning (like the FMRI brain scans).
ISBN: 978-83-232-1908-8
ISSN: 0077-653X
Appears in Collections:Neodidagmata, nr 29/30, 2007/2008

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