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Title: "Pornographic content related to presentation of violence" - art. 202 § 3 of the Criminal Code (Poland)
Other Titles: „Treści pornograficzne związane z prezentowaniem przemocy” – art. 202 § 3 Kodeksu Karnego (Polska)
Authors: Rosicki, Remigiusz
Keywords: pornography
sexual violence
przemoc seksualna
hard pornography
twarda pornografia
presentation of violence
prezentacja przemocy
pornography presenting violence
pornografia z prezentacją przemocy
pornography using violence
pornografia z użyciem przemocy
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2012
Abstract: The legal issue related to the so-called hard-core pornography (pornography using and presenting violence) has been generally presented on the example of the Polish Criminal Code. Of particular importance is art. 202, § 3, which defines criminal penalties for distribution, production, recording, importing, storage and possession of "hard pornography" (the text is limited to the analysis of pornography using and presenting violence).
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