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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2019Automatic English phoneme recognition from articulatory data generated by EPG systems with grid and anatomical layout of contact sensorsKrynicki, Grzegorz; Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, Katarzyna; Weckwerth, Jarosław; Michalski, Grzegorz; Kaźmierski, Kamil; Maciejewska, Barbara; Wiskirska-Woźnica, Bożena; Żygis, Marzena; Kuczko, Wiesław; Sekuła, Alicja
Dec-2019Educated Poznań Speech 30 years laterKaźmierski, Kamil; Kul, Małgorzata; Zydorowicz, Paulina
2018Assessing the effect of ambiguity in compositionality signaling on the processing of diphonesBaumann, Andreas; Kaźmierski, Kamil
22-Sep-2020Prevocalic t-glottaling across word boundaries in Midland American EnglishKaźmierski, Kamil
2016A dynamical-systems approach to the evolution of morphonotactic and lexical consonant clusters in English and PolishBaumann, Andreas; Kaźmierski, Kamil
30-Sep-2016Coalescent assimilation across word-boundaries in American English and in Polish EnglishKaźmierski, Kamil; Wojtkowiak, Ewelina; Baumann, Andreas
2015Exaptation and phonological changeKaźmierski, Kamil
22-Aug-2019Durational variation in Polish fricatives provides evidence for hybrid models of phonologyKaźmierski, Kamil
2015The relationship between gender identity and six f0 measures in PolishKaźmierski, Kamil
2009On the role of perception in the acquisition of the peach - pitch contrast by Polish learners of EnglishKaźmierski, Kamil