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Title: Przyczyny zgonów kobiet i mężczyzn w latach 2000-2005 na przykładzie powiatu gnieźnieńskiego w województwie wielkopolskim
Other Titles: Causes of deaths of women and men in the years 2000-2005 by the example of gniezno poviat in wielkopolskie voivodship
Authors: Czapla, Zbigniew
Mróz, Anna
Skrzypczak, Magdalena
Keywords: mortality
cardio-vascular diseases
Poland population
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Kieleckie Towarzystwo Naukowe
Citation: Czapla Z., Mróz A., Skrzypczak M., 2010, Przyczyny zgonów kobiet i mężczyzn w latach 2000-2005 na przykładzie powiatu gnieźnieńskiego w województwie wielkopolskim [w:] Auksologia i promocja zdrowia (red.) Andrzek Jopkiewicz, tom 5, Kielce-Warszawa, 241-250.
Abstract: The aging of the societies is one of the crucial problems of the present world. In developed countries the proportions of older people are still dramatically increasing. The process of society aging is becoming one of the main socio-economic problem for these countries associated with care of the elderly and pressure on the medical services. Reproductiveness, mortality and migrations exercise significant influence on this complex process. Mortality is particularly important for the reason if this work. The main aim of the present study was the analysis of women and men death causes in Gniezno district (Wielkopolska province). The material contains of the statistical data from 2000 to 2005 years. In the conducted analysis the information about causes of death rate, sex and age were used. The statistical analysis examined: 1) changes in the frequency of total deaths rates of women and men due to analyzed causes, 2) the death rates in the age categories, as well as 3) the trend of changes of frequency death rates in diseases categories, in 2000-2005 years, in Gniezno district. The causes of death rates were provide according to the X the Revision of International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) valid in Poland from the 1. January 1997. The most frequent causes of deaths of the women and men in Gniezno district were: the cardiovascular diseases and tumors as well as two different causes of death, described according to categorization the ICD-10 as "symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified" as well as "external causes of mortality".
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