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Title: Navigating dictionary space: the findability of English collocations in a general learner’s dictionary (LDOCE4) and special-purpose dictionary of collocations (OCD)
Authors: Lew, Robert
Radłowska, Magdalena
Keywords: Dictionaries
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Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Citation: Lew, Robert and Magdalena Radłowska. 2010. ‘Navigating Dictionary Space: The Findability of English Collocations in a General Learner’s Dictionary (LDOCE4) and Special-Purpose Dictionary of Collocations (OCD)’ in Ciuk, Andrzej and Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (eds.), Exploring Space: Spatial Notions in Cultural, Literary and Language Studies; Volume 2: Space in Language Studies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 34-47.
Abstract: The present study undertakes to assess the success with which intermediate pre-university Polish learners of English are able to locate English collocations in two learners’ dictionaries, representing two different dictionary types. The first of these is a general dictionary for learners, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, fourth edition (LDOCE). The second dictionary is a special-purpose dictionary dealing specifically with collocations, the Oxford Collocations Dictionary (OCD). The collocations are classified into several types for the findability test.
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