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Title: The Oldest Translations of Biblical Texts into Kashubian
Other Titles: Najstarsze tłumaczenia tekstów biblijnych na język kaszubski
Authors: Sikora, Adam Ryszard
Keywords: Bible
Smoldzinian Perikopes
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Wydział Teologiczny UAM
Citation: Poznańskie Studia Teologiczne, T. 22, 2008, s. 55-65
Abstract: This paper discusses translations o f biblical passages into Kashubian which originated in Evangelical circles between the 16lh and 19th centuries. Although the tradition o f translation dates back to the 16th century, translation o f the entire Bible, or at least one complete biblical book, which would have originated in this particular environment has not been preserved. Presumably it never existed. The oldest translations o f biblical texts into Kashubian were generally based on the German language. The first printed book with texts in Kashubian included, among others, eleven works defined as Psalms and a range o f short passages originating both from the Old Testament and the New Testament. This very book was the Simon Krofey’s Hymnal published in Gdańsk in 1586. Translation o f The Small Catechism o f Martin Luther came out approximately half a century later, and similarly to the Krofey’s Hymnal it included many biblical passages. However, the biggest collection o f biblical texts which has survived is dated for the turn o f the 17th and 18* centuries. These texts are found in the so-called Smoldzinian Perikopes, containing lessons and Gospels for all Sundays and church holidays. Many smaller passages o f the older translation o f biblical texts represent only occasional translations o f biblical passages incorporated in other religious texts. The first intended and methodical translation o f texts from the Sacred Scripture into Kashubian was the collection o f so-called Smoldzinian Perikopes. Research conducted on these translations allows to conclude that although authors o f these translations did not translate from original texts, but in most cases from the German language, their translations o f the Bible are characterised by a high degree of faithfulness to the thought o f original texts. Moreover, accuracy and efforts to make the texts comprehensible and literary beautiful grant their authors the best testimony.
ISSN: 0209-3472
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