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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The site mapping of Kakucs-Turján by the means of horizontal and vertical proxies: Combining field and basic laboratory methods of geoarchaeology and archaeological prospectionPeto, Akos; Niebieszczański, Jakub; Serlegi, Gabor; Jaeger, Mateusz; Kulcsar, Gabriella
2019Revealing the internal organization of a Middle Bronze Age fortified settlement in Kakucs-Turján through geoarchaeological means: Magnetometric survey and sedimentological verification of a housing structureNiebieszczański, Jakub; Jaeger, Mateusz; Peto, Akos; Hildebrandt-Radke, Iwona; Kulcsar, Gabriella; Staniuk, Robert; Taylor, Nicole; Czebreszuk, Janusz
2012Social Archaeology or Archaeology of Elites? Some Remarks on an Early Bronze Age Grave from BruszczewoJaeger, Mateusz
2013Badania poznańskich archeologów nad osadnictwem obronnym epoki brązuJaeger, Mateusz
2016Bronze Age Fortified Settlements in Central EuropeJaeger, Mateusz
2014Stone fortifications of the settlement in Spišský Štvrtok. A contribution to the discussion on the long-ranging contacts of the Otomani-Füzesabony cultureJaeger, Mateusz
2013Kakucs-Balla-Domb. A Case Study in the Absolute and Relative Chronology of the Vatya CultureJaeger, Mateusz; Kulcsar, Gabriella
2014The Metallurgists from Nižná Myšl’a. A Contribution to the Discussion on the Metallurgy in Defensive Settlements of the Otomani-Füzesabony CultureJaeger, Mateusz; Olexa, Ladislav
2019Friction Ridge Impressions on Daub Fragments from the Early Bronze Age Settlement in BruszczewoStróżyk, Mateusz; Czebreszuk, Janusz; Jaeger, Mateusz; Matuszewski, Szymon; Mądra-Bielewicz, Anna
10-Dec-2022First evidence for the forging of gold in an Early Bronze Age Site of Central Europe (2200–1800 BCE)Müller, Johannes; Delgado-Raack, Selina; Escanilla, Nicolau; Kienle, Lorenz; Kneisel, Jutta; Czebreszuk, Janusz; Jaeger, Mateusz; Szmyt, Marzena; Schürmann, Ulrich