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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Templariusze i joannici w biskupstwie lubuskim (XIII-XVI w.)Wasilkiewicz, Kamil
2019The Orthodox Church in Ukraine and Russia after 2013 in the face of political challenges, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and questions about the limits of sovereigntyJędraszczyk, Katarzyna
2019The site mapping of Kakucs-Turján by the means of horizontal and vertical proxies: Combining field and basic laboratory methods of geoarchaeology and archaeological prospectionPeto, Akos; Niebieszczański, Jakub; Serlegi, Gabor; Jaeger, Mateusz; Kulcsar, Gabriella
2019Revealing the internal organization of a Middle Bronze Age fortified settlement in Kakucs-Turján through geoarchaeological means: Magnetometric survey and sedimentological verification of a housing structureNiebieszczański, Jakub; Jaeger, Mateusz; Peto, Akos; Hildebrandt-Radke, Iwona; Kulcsar, Gabriella; Staniuk, Robert; Taylor, Nicole; Czebreszuk, Janusz
2013Kilka uwag o Leszka Nowaka nie-Marksowskim materializmie historycznym oraz Immanuela Wallersteina i Andre G. Franka teoriach systemu światowegoCzajkowski, Waldemar
2013Death in Basque CultureMirgos, Katarzyna
2013Postmemory in Popular Culture Based on Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz and Krystian Rosenberg’s Graphic Novel “Achtung Zelig! Druga wojna”Gajewska, Grażyna
2013The Coloniality of Perception: The Other as a CannibalKubiaczyk, Filip
2013Intercultural Communications. Roma-Polish Relationships in School Environment — Early Education StageGrzelak, Eliza; Grzelak-Piaskowska, Joanna
2013The Cityscape: from Garden City to Park CityFrydryczak, Beata