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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Late Weichselian and Holocene palaeoceanography of Storfjordrenna, southern SvalbardŁącka, Magdalena; Zajączkowski, Marek; Forwick, Matthias; Szczuciński, Witold
Oct-201226 December 2004 tsunami deposits left in areas of various tsunami runup in coastal zone of ThailandSzczuciński, Witold; Rachlewicz, Grzegorz; Chaimanee, Niran; Saisuttichai, Darunee; Tepsuwan, Thawatchai; Lorenc, Stanisław
2012Evidence of probable paleotsunami deposits on Kho Khao Island, Phang Nga Province, ThailandYawsangratt, Supawit; Szczuciński, Witold; Chaimanee, Niran; Chatprasert, Sirapapa; Majewski, Wojciech; Lorenc, Stanisław
2012The post-depositional changes of the onshore 2004 tsunami deposits on the Andaman Sea coast of ThailandSzczuciński, Witold
Sep-2020Multiproxy paleoceanographic study from the western Barents Sea reveals dramatic Younger Dryas onset followed by oscillatory warming trendŁącka, Magdalena; Michalska, Danuta; Pawłowska, Joanna; Szymańska, Natalia; Szczuciński, Witold; Forwick, Matthias; Zajączkowski, Marek
Aug-2020Temperature increase altered Daphnia community structure in artificially heated lakes: a potential scenario for a warmer futureDziuba, Marcin; Herdegen‑Radwan, Magdalena; Pluta, Estera; Wejnerowski, Łukasz; Szczuciński, Witold; Cerbin, Sławek
2000Ice tectonics and bedrock relief control on glacial sedimentation – an example from Hansbreen, SpitsbergenRachleiwcz, Grzegorz; Szczuciński, Witold
Nov-2017Drift-dependent changes in iceberg size-frequency distributionsKirkham, James D.; Rosser, Nick J.; Wainwright, John; Vann Jones, Emma C.; Dunning, Stuart A.; Lane, Victoria S.; Hawthorn, David E.; Strzelecki, Mateusz C.; Szczuciński, Witold
Dec-2015Submarine landform assemblages and sedimentary processes related to glacier surging in Kongsfjorden, SvalbardStreuff, Katharina; Forwick, Matthias; Szczuciński, Witold; Andreassen, Karin; Ó Cofaigh, Colm
Dec-2015Sedimentary evidence for a mid-Holocene iceberg-generated tsunami in a coastal lake, west GreenlandLong, Antony J.; Szczuciński, Witold; Lawrence, Thomas