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Title: Physical-chemical parameters and zooplankton community structure of the Odra oxbow in the spring season
Authors: Ławniczak, Jacek
Świdnicki, Kasper
Wiśniewska, Małgorzata
Bodzioch, Adam
Kuczyńska-Kippen, Natalia
Keywords: Rotifers
Species diversity
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Department of Water Protection, Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University
Citation: W: Gołdyn R., Klimaszyk P., Kuczyńska-Kippen N., Piotrowicz R. (red.), The functioning and protection of water ecosystems. Department of Water Protection, Poznań, 2008, pp. 59-67
Abstract: The examination of the distribution of rotifers and crustaceans between particular stations located within vegetated (zones of helophytes and nymphaeids) and unvegetated (open water area) zones of an oxbow lake situated within the River Odra valley was carried out during the period of high water level in April of 2007. The obtained results revealed a considerable species diversity along with low densities of particular zooplankton species, which are characteristic features for slightly humic waters. The most diverse species composition of rotifers was found in the littoral zone of the studied water body. This was probably due to the heterogeneity of the macrophyte-dominated area. Additionally, the presence of fish in the investigated oxbow lake may have been responsible for finding the greatest abundance of Crustacea in the zones dominated by aquatic vegetation.
ISBN: 978-83-89621-71-9
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