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dc.contributor.authorKwiek, Marek-
dc.identifier.citationHigher Education in Europe, vol. XVI, no.1, Spring 2001, pp. 27-39.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractThe question of the role of higher education in society and culture today is linked, in this article, with two parallel processes: the questioning of the nation-state in the global age and the gradual decomposition of the welfare state in the majority of the OECD countries. What is currently happening is, first, a major redefinition of the general responsibilities of the state vis-a` -vis the familiar type of society characterized by the welfare state and, second, a major revision in thinking about the role of the state in contemporary politics and economies brought about by globalization processes (and hence the possible demise of the nation-state). The modern German-inspired university in the form in which it exists in Europe is certainly affected by the two processes. The aim of this article is to discuss higher education in this particular context.pl_PL
dc.subjecthigher educationpl_PL
dc.subjectwelfare statepl_PL
dc.subjectGerman idea of the universitypl_PL
dc.subjectpower and knowledgepl_PL
dc.subjectmodern universitypl_PL
dc.subjectuniversity restructuringpl_PL
dc.subjectuniversity reformspl_PL
dc.subjectcorporate universitypl_PL
dc.subjectpublic sectorpl_PL
dc.subjectuniversity fundingpl_PL
dc.subjectpublic resourcespl_PL
dc.subjectsocial contractpl_PL
dc.subjecteducational policypl_PL
dc.subjectHumboldtian universitypl_PL
dc.subjectGerman Idealismpl_PL
dc.subjectphilosophical foundationspl_PL
dc.subjectpublic servicespl_PL
dc.titleGlobalization and Higher Educationpl_PL
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