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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Electronic dictionary entries with animated pictures: Lookup preferences and word retentionLew, Robert; Doroszewska, Joanna
2010Entry menus in bilingual electronic dictionariesLew, Robert; Tokarek, Patryk
1996Exploitation of linguistic ambiguity in Polish and English jokesLew, Robert
2013From paper to electronic dictionaries: Evolving dictionary skillsLew, Robert
2012How can we make electronic dictionaries more effective?Lew, Robert
2013How dictionary users choose senses in bilingual dictionary entries: An eye-tracking studyLew, Robert; Grzelak, Marcin; Leszkowicz, Mateusz
2004How do Polish learners of English rate bilingual and monolingual dictionaries?Lew, Robert
11-Jul-2012How Helpful Are Online English Learners' Dictionaries in Dealing with Misspellings?Lew, Robert; Mitton, Roger
26-Feb-2013Identifying, ordering and defining sensesLew, Robert
2004Jaki słownik wybrać?Lew, Robert
2007Lexicography at the Poznań School of EnglishLew, Robert
2007Linguistic semantics and lexicography: A troubled relationshipLew, Robert
2010Multimodal lexicography: The representation of meaning in electronic dictionariesLew, Robert
2010Navigating dictionary space: the findability of English collocations in a general learner’s dictionary (LDOCE4) and special-purpose dictionary of collocations (OCD)Lew, Robert; Radłowska, Magdalena
2006Non-standard dictionary definitions: What they cannot tell native speakers of PolishLew, Robert; Dziemianko, Anna
Nov-2011Not the word I wanted? How online English learners' dictionaries deal with misspelled wordsLew, Robert; Mitton, Roger
17-Dec-2010Online dictionaries of EnglishLew, Robert
Nov-2013Online dictionary skillsLew, Robert
Nov-2011Polish word sketchesRadziszewski, Adam; Kilgarriff, Adam; Lew, Robert
2002Questionnaires in dictionary use research: A reexaminationLew, Robert