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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2021Charge-Order on the Triangular Lattice: A Mean-Field Study for the Lattice S = 1/2 Fermionic GasKapcia, Konrad Jerzy
Feb-2015Electron phase separations involving superconductivity in the extended Hubbard models with pair hopping interactionKapcia, Konrad Jerzy
Feb-2015Monte Carlo study of phase separation in magnetic insulatorsMurawski, Szymon; Kapcia, Konrad Jerzy; Pawłowski, Grzegorz; Robaszkiewicz, Stanisław
Feb-2015Some exact results for the zero-bandwidth extended Hubbard model with intersite charge and magnetic interactionsKapcia, Konrad Jerzy; Kłobus, Waldemar; Robaszkiewicz, Stanisław
Oct-2014Some properties of two dimensional extended repulsive Hubbard model with intersite magnetic interactions - a Monte Carlo studyMurawski, Szymon; Kapcia, Konrad Jerzy; Pawłowski, Grzegorz; Robaszkiewicz, Stanisław
Apr-2015Superconductivity, charge orderings, magnetism, and their phase separations in the ground state of lattice models of superconductor with very short coherence lengthKapcia, Konrad Jerzy
Oct-2014Superconductivity, metastability and magnetic field induced phase separation in the atomic limit of the Penson-Kolb-Hubbard modelKapcia, Konrad Jerzy
6-Sep-2021Thermodynamic and electromagnetic properties of the eta--pairing superconductivity in the Penson-Kolb modelCzart, Wojciech Robert; Kapcia, Konrad Jerzy; Micnas, Roman; Robaszkiewicz, Stanisław