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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2017Contours in music and speech: the effect of musical aptitude on speech prosodyJekiel, Mateusz; Malarski, Kamil
23-Feb-2015Cross-dialectal analysis of English pitch register and its influence on perceived speech friendlinessMalarski, Kamil; Jekiel, Mateusz
20-Feb-2015Cross-­linguistic analysis of pitch range and its influence on perceived speech friendlinessJekiel, Mateusz; Malarski, Kamil
18-Dec-2014Measuring the effect of metacompetence in EFL pronunciation learningŁodzikowski, Kacper; Jekiel, Mateusz; Malarski, Kamil
2-Dec-2016The acquisition of non-rhoticity in musical and non-musical advanced Polish students of EnglishMalarski, Kamil; Jekiel, Mateusz
11-Jun-2016The role of musical aptitude in the pronunciation of English vowels among Polish learners of EnglishJekiel, Mateusz; Malarski, Kamil
Sep-2012The STRUT vowel in urban and rural accents of the West MidlandsŁodzikowski, Kacper; Malarski, Kamil
27-Nov-2016Variable rhoticity in rock music performance across British and American singers: New evidence for Singing English?Malarski, Kamil; Jekiel, Mateusz