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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The radiocarbon chronology of the Urnfield Complex and the dating of cultural phenomena in the Pontic Area (Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age)Ignaczak, Marcin; Ślusarska-Michalik, Katarzyna
2009The Role of Baltic-Black Sea Routes in the Development of Lusatian Culture Societies in the Decline Bronze and Early IronIgnaczak, Marcin
2012The Józef Kostrzewski Poznań School of Archaeology. Several reflections on the illuminations and shadows of prehistory studies in respect to the Bronze and Early Iron AgesKaczmarek, Maciej; Minta-Tworzowska, Danuta
2013Spatial development of the settlement complex affiliated to the Trzciniec cultural circle at site 1 in Polesie in Central PolandGórski, Jacek; Makarowicz, Przemysław; Wawrusiewicz, Adam
2010Does a Periphery Look Like That? The Cultural Landscape of the Unetice Culture's Kościan GroupJaeger, Mateusz; Czebreszuk, Janusz
2008Bell Beakers and Their Role in a Settlement Evolution During the Neolithic-Bronze Interstage on the Polish LowlandCzebreszuk, Janusz; Szmyt, Marzena
1997Osadnictwo wczesnej kultury łużyckiej w Narkowie, gmina Dobre, stanowisko 9. Z badań nad kulturą łużycką na Niżu PolskimCzebreszuk, Janusz; Ignaczak, Marcin; Łoś, Józef
2013The Bronze Age in the Polish LandsCzebreszuk, Janusz
1991Late horizon of the globular amphorae culture versus other cultural structures of the neolithic-bronze age interstage. Problem of system disintegrationCzebreszuk, Janusz
2007Amber Between the Baltic and the Aegean in the Third and Second Millennia BC (an Outline of Major Issues)Czebreszuk, Janusz