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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2012Experimental petrology: a new insight into the deep Earth compositionCiazela, Jakub
16-May-2015Why primary copper enrichment could be expected at the Moho Transition ZoneCiazela, Jakub; Botcharnikov, Roman; Dick, Henry; Kuhn, Thomas; Muszynski, Andrzej
2014Mantle-crust differentiation of chalcophile elements in the oceanic lithosphereCiazela, Jakub; Dick, Henry; Koepke, Juergen; Kuhn, Thomas; Muszynski, Andrzej; Kubiak, Marta
Sep-2012The effect of water activity on the eutectic point in natural granitic systemCiazela, Jakub; Bolte, Torsten; Holtz, Francois; Muszynski, Andrzej; Machowiak, Katarzyna
2015Cu refertilization of abyssal peridotites by melt percolationCiazela, Jakub; Dick, Henry; Koepke, Juergen; Botcharnikov, Roman; Muszynski, Andrzej; Kuhn, Thomas