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Title: Rekonstrukcje i dekstrukcje historii w polskim kinie po 1989
Authors: Dabert, Dobrochna
Keywords: Polskie kino współczesne
Kanon historyczny
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Wydawnictwo-Drukarnia Bonami/Pracownia Komparatystyki Literackiej IFP UAM
Citation: PORÓWNANIA. Czasopismo poświęcone zagadnieniom komparatystyki literackiej oraz studiom interdyscyplinarnym. nr 4, 2007, s. 109-117.
Abstract: The article is an attempt of a synthetic perspective on the Polish cinema after 1989 that discusses the past. After 1989 films about the past seized to perform the function they used to perform in the post-war period, that of indirect and symbolical communication. The contemporary cinema that undertakes the issue of the past balances between the area of social memory, myths and history. It refers to knowledge obtained from objective historical sources, revalues social ideas about the past, obliterates old myths, revives the forgotten ones and calls into being new ones.
ISSN: 1733-165X
Appears in Collections:Porównania, 2007, nr 4

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