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Title: On the Post-Schumpeterian “Competitive Managerial Model of Local Democracy” as Perceived by the Elites of the Local Government of Wielkopolska (CPP RPS 10/2008)
Authors: Juchacz, Piotr W.
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Center for Public Policy Research Papers Series
Citation: CPP RPS vol. 10 (2008), Poznan, 2008, pp. 1-20.
Abstract: From the perspective of political philosophy the question of the rule of law at the local government level is inextricably linked with the issue of the legitimisation of local authorities and their relation to the political community they represent. The observations of this paper are based on the following empirical and theoretical foundations: – firstly, selected empirical data obtained through a survey of local government authorities in Wielkopolska, carried out by a group of Poznań-based sociologists, presented in a report entitled Znajomość i przestrzeganie prawa przez samorządy a rozwój regionalny w Wielkopolsce [Awareness of and respect for the law among local government authorities and the regional development of Wielkopolska]1, as well as theoretical conclusions drawn on the basis of the study by its organisers; – secondly, the results of qualitative studies in the form of individual in-depth interviews conducted with heads of communes and city and town mayors of three counties of Wielkopolska, presented in a report entitled Wielkopolscy burmistrzowie i wójtowie o sobie i swoich gminach [City and town mayors and commune heads of Wielkopolska reflect on themselves and their communes]. We will contain our discussion, however, to a consideration of the obtained results, which on the one hand show a participation of citizens in the political life of local communities, on the other hand present the relation between the local government and civil society, as perceived by the representatives of highest local government authorities taking part in the survey (city and town mayors, heads of communes and chairpersons of commune councils).
Appears in Collections:2008, Vol. 10. On the Post-Schumpeterian “Competitive Managerial Model of Local Democracy”

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