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Title: L2-accented speech in L3 production
Authors: Wrembel, Magdalena
Keywords: L3 phonology
foreign accent
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: International Journal of Multilingualism 7(1), 2010, pp. 75-90
Series/Report no.: Special Issue on L3 phonology;
Abstract: The paper is aimed at investigating the sources of cross-linguistic influence in the third language (L3) phonology, and, particularly, the impact of the second language (L2) on the phonological acquisition of another foreign language. The study consisted in foreign accent judgements performed by a group of expert judges who were presented with recorded samples of L3 English. The findings confirm the results of some previous studies on the phenomenon of 'L2 status' and demonstrate a tendency for the L2 phonological transfer in L3 production at the initial stages of acquisition that decreases with growing third language proficiency.
ISSN: 1479-0718
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