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Title: TV meteor streams searching
Authors: Jopek, Tadeusz J.
Keywords: TV meteor streams
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Astronomical Institute Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
Citation: Jopek T.J., 1993, in Meteoroids and their parent bodies, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Symposium held at Smolenice, Slovakia, July 6-12, 1992, Bratislava, eds Porubcan V., Williams I.P, 269-272
Abstract: Using a modified D-criterion (threshold Do=0.2), among 531 TV meteor orbits, 23 streams has been identified. Adout 30% of the orbits belongs to the stream component. Only 3 streams have orbits inclined more than 30deg. Four streams have reciprocal orbits. The major stream Herculids shown to be a complex structure, sensitive on the choice of the D- threshold value. The Taurids complex differs slightly from the photographic one. The theta Piscids stream has very small orbit, the mean semi-major axis equals to 0.79AU. This stream seems to be TV component of the Eccentrides system, but with Do=0.21 the theta Piscids have joined S. Taurids. The TV Orionids appeared in two branches. One of them includes a single orbit which belongs to the eta Aquariids.
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