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Title: Meteor stream identification: a new approach. Appkication to 3675 radio meteors
Authors: Jopek, T.J.
Valsecchi, G.B.
Froeschle, Cl.
Keywords: Adelaide radio meteors
meteor streams searching
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
Citation: Jopek et al., 1999, in Meteoroids 1998, Proceedings of the International Conference held at Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia, August 17-21, 1998, 307-310
Abstract: The new criterion DN for meteoroid streams identification, based on variables directly linked to observations, was applied to a set of radio meteors observed in Adelaide. 28 streams, combinning 28% of the 3675 orbits have been detected. 8 streams have a single crossing point with the Earth orbit, 20 groups were identified as twin showers.
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